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December 16th, 2020

I know you don’t get it when you talk about the potential future price of bitcoin in fiat terms as if that will mean anything.

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Don’t stare at the price charts for too long, folks.

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Casa is doing a giveaway!
Cost: Several hours of your time.
Prize: 100% of registrants receive valuable knowledge……RF

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“Hey folks, we just bought a billion dollars worth of bitcoin and our extensive analysis shows that it’s worth…Zf

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@jcarlgohn Not test their backups and have an issue with the backup.
Forget a 25th seed phrase password.
Have too…tk

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@BitcoinGoUp Most of my recoveries are for new Casa clients who want to deposit into Casa. But with enough freedom,…tc

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@CryptoGucciGG I’ve got a few other tools listed at… but if all else fails, contact the…03

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@hodlerforlife There is a variety of other wallet software that you can hook it up to such as Electrum and Specter.

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20 years ago I was doing tech support for hospital staff, fixing desktops so that they could get back to helping…N6

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“Why didn’t you buy bitcoin in 2020 even though you had the opportunity, grandpa?”

“I… I thought it was too expensive.”

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CasaHODL 📢 Announcing Keyfest 2021 🎉

🔐 Join the brightest minds in Bitcoin for conversations and workshops on building a…Rb

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michael_saylor is the world’s best treasury reserve asset & the emerging dominant monetary network. It is the solution…V1

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@jfnewbery Can I get a chart with some triangles

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“Analysts are still trying to figure out how to value bitcoin.”

Yeah, because there’s no established algorithm…Fj

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This is the part where precoiners realize did not, in fact, die in 2018. And they’ll have to start…ay

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Folks are doing “bitcoin giveaways” in return for follows / retweets. This activity is:

1. Pathetic…1A

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@TheShadowfresh @CasaHODL Nope, we’re completely focused on self custody for the forseeable future.

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CasaHODL Secure your $20k BTC like it’s $200k BTC.

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OK, back to building. There is still much work to be done.

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Starting to suspect that none of the politicians in California bothered to read The Sovereign Individual.

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A mere 2 months ago you could get 10,000 sats for a buck.
Today that will barely buy you 5,000 sats.
Don’t buy dollars, they’re gonna crash!

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@orweinberger @UserVoice @hodlrswiss Ah yes I just came across it last week but forgot to order one. Will add to the list.

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Feels like the big boys are afraid to market buy us over $20K because they know they’ll have lost the opportunity for cheap sats.

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@orweinberger @UserVoice No, because I test every device I come across.

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