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December 26th, 2020

@iLoveSpaceForce @chigrl Because early adopters all agree with each other and can change the rules against the wishes of other participants?

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@melikmanukyan I think there is a threshold of skepticism after which that becomes acceptable.

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Some folks will try to make you feel bad for being right about Bitcoin.

Block, mute, ignore, and move on.

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Perspective: the Federal Reserve has injected the equivalent of 18 Bitcoin networks worth of dollars into the markets in the past 18 months.

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s all-time highs all the way up.

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87 crypto exchanges shut down in 2020.

Exit scam: 44
Graceful shutdown: 37
Hacked: 4
Govt shutdown: 2…

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Crypto exchange hacks:

2011: 2
2012: 4
2013: 4
2014: 7
2015: 5
2016: 5
2017: 7
2018: 13
2019: 23
2020: 16

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The dollar has crashed below 4,000 sats.…

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During 2020 the amount of BTC pegged to the @Blockstream Liquid sidechain increased from 96 to 2,600……iS

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The Bitcoin hashpower that is merge mining the
@RSKsmart sidechain increased from 57% to 62% in…sg

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The CEO of Bitcoin is cowering in fear! 🤣…

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Here you can see OP_RETURN outputs dropping throughout 2020 as @VeriBlock continued to scale back its usage. Two…Jw

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Bitcoin OP_RETURN (data anchor) outputs created in:
2014: 13,000
2015: 655,000
2016: 1,040,000
2017: 2,253,000…0v

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@btcmoneysupply Are you still maintaining your site? It has been down for a while.

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@SmithsSats The whitepaper or any of the technical “how it works” links at…

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Bitcoin’s UTXO set rose from 64.5M to an all-time high of 69.1M in 2020, adding a net new UTXO every 8 seconds.

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@CalvinAyre You don’t get to define jack when it comes to Bitcoin. Have fun staying scammy!

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@taha_zafar12 @planb4v I catalog and warn about centralized exchange hacks all the time; your snark is misplaced.

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