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December 27th, 2020

Imagine operating a market that doesn’t trade round the clock this day in age.…

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@_JustinMoon_ Well they’re partially right. Folks would stop spend as much money on stupid shit.

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@Puppetbet I’ve put over 50k miles on my motorcycles in the past decade. Hard to beat the freedom of going cageless!

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I’ll sell my bitcoin if I can trade it for something that increases my freedom more than Bitcoin.…

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hashcloak In order to grow our consulting practice, we starting to offer free 30 mins consulting sessions to our network.…4F

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After a massive 62% surge in 2019, the @Bitmexdotcom insurance fund only grew 10.5% in 2020. It now holds 0.2% of…C0

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@jiangji20 @TheBlock__ Here’s the multi-year chart. Feel free to argue with @lawmaster about legitimacy of…p0

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According to @TheBlock__’s annual report, trading volume on crypto exchanges is approaching levels not seen since…Cj

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The number of deployed Bitcoin ATMs more than doubled during 2020 to over 13,500.

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An attacker with 100% of the current hashrate would have to…JZ

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Usage of overt “version-rolling” AsicBoost by Bitcoin miners appears to have leveled off around 70% in 2020……6E

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@TomZarebczan @LukeDashjr The value of running a node is too abstract for most folks and still requires some…0J

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According to @LukeDashjr’s estimates of unreachable / non-listening node counts, the total number of Bitcoin…gN

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Reachable Bitcoin node count has remained fairly flat during 2020, in the 10k - 11k range. The volatility seen…Zb

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A greedy-for-fiat fool and his bitcoin are soon parted.

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michael_saylor If you desire to avoid Fiat Tragedy, avail yourself of Bitcoin

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Uh… sorry @dead_coins but I think I just killed your site by linking to it.

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Nearly 2,000 dead cryptocurrency projects are cataloged at

Hacks: 31
Scams: 780…k5

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@laurashin Price is a lagging indicator to the real story.

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@Excellion Nah, wasn’t that several decades ago?

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The Number Go Up meme can confuse folks into thinking that the goal is to cash out for more fiat.

Those who try…eE

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