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December 31st, 2020


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Freedom is asserted, not granted.
Freedom is birthed from a state of mind.

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Time to get the fuck out, 2020. And don’t come back!

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@JessieJamerso Common problem for folks faced with sudden windfalls.

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@San_person I doubt it since that’s a non-default config.

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@Cryptomian Financial freedom is a goal, not a purpose. Once you have financial freedom then you have more time to find a purpose.

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2020 commits (excluding merges) & contributors:
bitcoin core: 2,978 & 172
c-lightning: 1,918 & 46
lnd: 1,587 & 64…BM

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Normally next week is the worst week of the year for gym-goers as all the people who lack perseverance all show…nM

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Controversial opinion: it is not financially prudent to sell ALL of your bitcoin to purchase a car / house /…hN

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Bitcoin’s network hashrate increased by 41% during 2020, from 113 to 159 exahash per second.

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@nic__carter I’m at a dozen drafts myself. Need moar holidays so that I can work on them.

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Bitcoin trade volume was flat throughout 2020 via Bisq and Localbitcoins, though Paxful saw a decent uptick in…YI

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The 3rd known bitcoin-related physical attack in Dubai just happened. Unique twist: using deodorant as a weapon.…fT

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@MacurdyTrader I do this every year. Raw metrics at end of year, long article at beginning of next year.

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👆 I love the fact that this tweetchain is 6 years deep.

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Bitcoin’s thermodynamic security accelerated at an average rate of 1,458 GH/s^2 in 2020.…

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Wealth without purpose is worthless.

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@prettyboytizzy_ Jan 1 price * (x³⁶⁵)=Dec 31 price
Solve for X

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Bitcoin average DAILY value change during:
2010: +0.82%
2011: +0.76%
2012: +0.26%
2013: +1.11%
2014: -0.25%

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