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May 4th, 2016

Bitcoin unicorns:
*Theymos’ million dollar Bitcointalk Forum
*A conclusion to MTGOX
*Winklevoss ETF
*Trustless 2-way sidechain pegging

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@coolbearcjs @oxt_btc Well, @ofnumbers referenced it & we were speculating the TX might be Liquid. I think it’s not.

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@orweinberger @oxt_btc Click on the squiggly line next to the tx id to get to the visualizer:

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Traced 100K BTC 3-of-6 multi-sig txn w/@oxt_btc. Found deposits to @AsiaBitcoin & @huobicom

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Chrome thinks the blockchain is Danish; perhaps another Satoshi clueâ€

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NinjaEconomics After Trump was named presumptive nominee last night, Google search “Libertarian Party” skyrocketed h/t @TaylorEgly.

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@DigiEconomist I doubt it’s a big deal given that it’s relatively inexpensive to run a node or two if you’re running a mining pool.

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“If they aren’t laughing at you, you aren’t working on the right things.” - @fredwilson

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The reaction we’re seeing to the ChainAnchor project is the Bitcoin ecosystem’s antibodies being deployed against a perceived threat.

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