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May 12th, 2016

In my view, the “0x” prefix on ethereum IDs doesn’t add much value and it poses additional complexity to devs b/c it’s not in the raw data.

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Had a fierce debate about the “0x” prefix on Ethereum hex data.
Even block explorers differ:

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@cguida6 It’s a poor argument to begin with; it’s more of a free speech than a weapon issue.

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@stephantual At what point do you start to get concerned?

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New stats dashboard available for bitcoin node operators:

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#ThrowbackThursday to my first tweet about Bitcoin. T minus 2 months ‘til next halving.

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2013: clueless coders create cryptocoins
2016: clueless Fortune 500 companies create blockchains
History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.

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The right to bear crypto is a fundamental human right to privacy; it need not be bestowed upon us by governments.

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Bitcoin maximalists will appreciate Ethereum block 18:

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@alansilbert @TuurDemeester @kristovatlas Chopped off rear & replaced w/1 wheel, presumably to lower rolling resistance. Dat aerodynamics!

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I seem to have spotted the elusive Silicon Valley Redneck.

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@1cyrilblanc1 I think it’s interesting timing given recent Satoshi drama.

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btcArtGallery Bitcoin: Civil War by @Phneep sponsored by altoz

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RT @flyosity: In light of Hillary’s classified email controversy, I want to tell a story I haven’t told in 10 years about my work at Northr…

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