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May 16th, 2016

Attention developers: if you respond to bug reports with “user didn’t RTFM” then you are saying “I write user-unfriendly software.”

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@a3456gf @ElectrumWallet I don’t recall anyone claiming that dynamic fees enable more transaction throughput……

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@ElectrumWallet It looks like you’ve supported dynamic fees for 9 months; why not enable them by default?

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We knew it would happen eventually; @BitGo will no longer countersign txs that spend (external) unconfirmed outputs.…

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@naval *as soon as the prerequisite features are deployed & activated in the base protocol

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theintercept Breaking: The Intercept begins releasing large batches of Snowden documents……

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Thunder Network already has a GUI and it’s Java based so it should easily run on any OS!…

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TechCrunch Blockchain open sources Thunder network, paving the way for instant bitcoin transactions by @romaindillet

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Looks like the 800 Classic nodes being run in the cloud by one user just ran out of funding.…

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