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January 2nd, 2017

@rutgervz @JellaBoem @ARKblockchain Great video; I’ve added it to my collection!

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@badslinky I’ve been mulling over it in the back of my mind but haven’t quite settled on it yet

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@ModernApostate if you really want to delve into the details then I’d suggest focusing on the security model:

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@ModernApostate I don’t think Bitcoin’s energy expenditure needs to be defended - it defends itself 😁
I also think most users don’t care.

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@ModernApostate Seems like a straw man argument to me. I don’t recall energy efficiency ever being put forth as one of Bitcoin’s goals.

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@ModernApostate Maybe… I have no idea. Not sure it’s even worth trying to compare.

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As the BTC exchange rate rises, so shall its energy expenditure. Some see increased waste. I see a system bootstrapping its own security.

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The amount of energy being “wasted” securing Bitcoin via Proof of Work is just the amount that the market has decided is worth paying for.

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@alansilbert It’s a shame @UncontrolRisk isn’t active on Twitter to give us updates. Looks like @WritingFactory switched to Trump bashing.

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