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January 15th, 2017

Annual reminder: verify & update your offline file backups. Don’t have offline backups? It’s a good time to get started: storage is cheap.

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If you use @WhatsApp, make sure you have this enabled under Settings -> Account -> Security

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TuurDemeester I just published “Bitcoin: digital gold or digital cash? Both.”…

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@LaurentMT @arthurbouquet I guess Bitcoin is dead; everyone stopped using it!

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@Chris_Stewart_5 @AudunGulbrands1 @Daniel_Plante We simply need to encourage more people to adopt a Cypherpunk mindset :-)

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@Chris_Stewart_5 @AudunGulbrands1 @Daniel_Plante Cypherpunks don’t care if governments don’t approve of the software they write.

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Paranoia isn’t a prerequisite for getting into cryptocurrency, but it’s certainly a plus for staying in the game.

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@Daniel_Plante @Chris_Stewart_5 Avoiding? I clarified my point - the people working on the Bitcoin protocol are…9s

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