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January 27th, 2017

eric_lombrozo would be much easier to define if it had a central authority…it would also cease to be very interesting.

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adam3us believe project has far fewer community contributors than other FOSS projects of similar or activity

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@ryanxcharles Interested to hear your ideas. Perhaps @santisiri has some too…

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@ssoeborg @el33th4xor Not in the security space (if done professionally) - attacks == free QA testing 🤔

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@ssoeborg @el33th4xor Cypherpunks attack ideas and code. Cypherpricks attack the people behind them.

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If Bitcoin miners remain deadlocked & Litecoin deploys SegWit + @lightning, LTC value could rise due to utility & make miners reconsider…

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RT @JennaMC_Laugh: BREAKING: Twitter has published 2 National Security Letters, secret FBI requests made w/no judicial approval. https://t.…

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RT @BitcoinMagazine: How Bitcoin Unlimited Users May End Up on Different Blockchains #bitcoin #blockchain #technolo…

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@1cyrilblanc1 @brianchoffman @SatoshiRoundtbl Some people post quality content on Reddit. But the voting system doesn’t work well for it.

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@dangermouse117 Really digging your chart porn, Willy. Keep up the great work!

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Reddit incentivizes witty quips, funny fallacies, bullying, brigading, bad behavior, but not intellectual discourse.

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RT @khannib: How much BTC is stored in each multisig setup, and more

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@pa49 @Excellion You can hold disdain for people while remaining civil during public debate.

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@theonevortex @LaurentMT @Excellion I’m pretty sure this particular thread is about Rick, not Gavin. Regardless, identities are irrelevant.

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Bitcoin was built by and will succeed due to the efforts of Cypherpunks, not Cypherpricks.

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@theonevortex @LaurentMT @Excellion Other people’s unprofessional behavior is not an excuse to engage in the same. Just aggravates people.

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@theonevortex @LaurentMT @Excellion Of course not, that’s why I have unsubscribed from /r/btc

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@Excellion I read this tweet and see disdain and mocking someone’s frustration. Do you truly believe that adds value to the conversation?

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@deadalnix @Falkvinge Depends upon the hash rate distribution between the two chains and the distribution of node/industry acceptance.

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