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January 11th, 2017

@VinnyLingham I read this as “the Bitcoin industry is too decentralized.” 🙃

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@Satoshi_N_ missed opportunity with the title; I’d have gone with “Bitcoin… IS PEOPLE!”

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DefuseSec I just verified all my websites for @brave payments. Took ~5 minutes, just have to add a TXT entry to the DNS.

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@flyosity Can’t wait to get my batch of Cocoa and Nectar!

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TL;DR of the report is that holding BTC in an IRA is risky but permissible. No tax implications as far as I can see.

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RT @lightning: Announcing the alpha release of the Lightning Network Daemon. We’re looking for testers and contributors!…

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@a3456gf @AlpacaSW Larger blocks do create centralization pressure, but the problem is that no one can quantify it. Not much point arguing.

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I denounce the suppression of ideas on any Bitcoin forum, but neither do I believe that such policies are keeping node operators uninformed.

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@dgenr818 Indeed, though their concerns don’t change the fact that they are unable to execute a safe hard fork w/o…

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Bitcoin has died for the 123rd time as China bans it for the 8th time.

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@kyuupichan Unfortunately, any changes requiring a hard fork simple aren’t going to happen.

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