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November 4th, 2020

@IanABray @Ivan_Is_Back That’s why all of America’s enemies are dead now. /s

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Imagine participating in an election for which the results are not independently verifiable. Oh wait…

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This is the ideal wall hanger. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

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@shitcoinprotips @Twitter Nah, all I’m calling for is fairness and equality 😂

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@hajek_miloslav @Twitter Seems to be the case; apparently it’s OK to lie but not about elections.

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OK @Twitter, now do that every time any politician lies. I dare ya.

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@DreaminCrypto Why did I not give real info? So that when there was an inevitable data leak I wouldn’t suffer any privacy loss.

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The Ledger scam texts I keep receiving on burner phone numbers that are personalized with my pseudonym just keep ge…

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@flyosity Sounds good; I’m in favor of whatever results in the worst deadlock in federal government.

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“Bitcoin is too volatile!”
Nah, it’s the rest of the world that’s volatile. Update your perspective and enjoy the r…

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Seeking certainty in uncertain times? Take the orange pill.

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