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November 12th, 2020

@_prestwich IDK it wasn’t that bad, only took about 9 days to sync 7 different implementations.

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@flyosity We bitcoiners are a low time preference bunch, eh @Mandrik

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It’s #ThrowbackThursday, folks. Feast upon this two year old tweet that has aged like a fine cottage cheese.

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@MarianMatys Greed, of course. History is littered with their corpses, the most recent being

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@wwwjansli If your point is “they can break the law” then sure, that’s a truism.

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@MarianMatys Er, do you know how banks work? 😬

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If I understand this correctly, PayPal is legally required by its Bitlicense to hold real bitcoin 1:1 for every bit…

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@NeerajKA No sir that’s a capital loss. The chicken’s accountant needs to report the gains.

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@CaitlinLong_ Zoom in on item #10 at the bottom.

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@wlbtw3348 It’s one of several distros I use. Are you referring to the Amazon search controversy? They disabled that years ago.

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I ran the numbers and the numbers are good! Most Bitcoin node implementations have continued to improve their perfo…

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When you open up the black box of a custodial crypto lender, expect a big oof.

Looks like Cred has twice as much l…

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Governments can ban whatever they want. But you’re a fool if you believe they can effectively enforce bans on desir…

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@jillruthcarlson So you can multitask and moisturize while you protest?

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