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November 17th, 2020

@aantonop Disabling DMs and putting your contact form behind a paywall works wonders.

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Are you going to let the government ruin your holidays?

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@pierre_rochard ‘member when China banned bitcoin? 😇

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@HippoHodl Not up to Casa, unfortunately - I’m sure @sendwyre is feverishly working on it.

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Consistently conduct your cryptocurrency craft corresponding to casino chips and comport clownish coping when conquered.

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The institutions have finally arrived. Don’t be the chump that sells them your bitcoins for mere fiat.

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One more month at this rate and the amount of bitcoin available on exchanges will drop below where it was at the…tZ

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People who took out student loans they can’t afford to pay back deserve to get rekt, though not for their entire…zg

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@LukeYoungblood You know what? I appreciate FIRE. Following advice from folks like @mrmoneymustache is what put…iQ

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Narrator: it was a buying opportunity.…

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Because the smart money is still trying to sneak in; they’ll loudly proclaim the benefits of bitcoin once they…gg

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Stop buying bitcoin; the rest of us aren’t finished.

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Fiat is a speculative asset. Just look at how many people pore over the details of Federal Reserve meeting…3M

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