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November 10th, 2020

File under “on-chain scaling proponents get rekt yet again.”…

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It’s a good thing tomorrow’s a holiday; maybe I’ll finally be able to catch up on work projects.

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Stay inside your approved pasture, tax cattle!…

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I have folks asking to add links to my resources site on a daily basis. For the past several years one thing has…yY

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@NordahThors Step 1 is to establish a threat model. Then think about every threat and how it could cause harm /…k9

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@_jonasschnelli_ I’m still hodling out for the genetically spliced grapefruits that grow beef inside them.

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@coinsnkeks No, there are variety of circumstances in which one’s ass can get destroyed.

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Q: Can I hire you to review my bitcoin security?
A: It’s generally not worth my time to do 1:1 consulting. I’m…ee

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@valkenburgh @NeerajKA Oh great, now we have to anthropomorphize arthropods too?

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@PeterMcCormack That’s the (only?) reason I like Trump - he’s doing a great job sowing chaos within the highest…Ch

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What I envision when I come across a Twitter account that does nothing but rant incoherently.

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