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November 16th, 2020

It’s been 24 hours since the last DeFi lulz; seems to be accelerating. Anybody charting these hacks?…

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The last bitcoin is also the hardest.…

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Coinbase crashed shortly afterward. Coincidence?…

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@nikhileshde @CoinDesk @KnightOfNl @galenmoore Looks like fallout from the Ledger customer info leak; I got these…He

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@nvk Bring back the Bitcoin Center NYC trading floor!
/cc @nickspanos

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“You shouldn’t encourage your children to start businesses because they’ll most likely fail.”

Let me tell you…gN

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If you have to ask, the answer is no.…

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CasaHODL 📅 This Thursday at 2PM EST, we’re hosting a webinar on the fundamentals of self-custody and multisig technology. 🔐…9i

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@Mooniecornz Successful entrepreneurs take failure in stride rather than giving up on entrepreneurship.

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Save a bitcoin to pay for your child’s university tuition.
Then give them the option to use the money to…HP

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@NeerajKA Think outside the box; it’s not winter in the southern hemisphere!

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@changeson As of today bitcoin is still quite fungible; I’d say the only coins that might be “less valuable” are…7z

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@RevixInvest I’ve written plenty of articles on the subject that are available at

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A $100,000 bitcoin is of little use (outside of speculation) if you are unable to properly protect it against…ua

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There is no ceiling on the bitcoin exchange rate because there is no floor on the value of fiat.

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