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November 9th, 2020

@uacomment This is the offending device; it only powers on when I orient it with the logo facing up.

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We suffered through decades of never being able to plug USB-A devices in the first time we tried and now some of yo…

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@StopAndDecrypt Feel free to bake that into your actual answer.

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@ColorCombos That’s because presidents don’t bother to ask Congress to declare war any more… they simply order the military to strike.

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RT @BitcoinMagazine: “Don’t fall for the biggest mistake in Bitcoin” says @forwardsecrecy.

Human error is the biggest security vulnerabili…

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Odds on Trump deploying military to disrupt peaceful transition of power? 😬

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@danielcawrey @pierre_rochard Oh noes did @pierre_rochard get stripped of his hat & beard when he was suspended from Twitter?

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The United City-States of America

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@burakinmove Trump is 10 years younger and doing it 20 years later sooooo

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@djangobits IIRC he was sentenced to a number of years in prison but Italy had some law that people over 70 can’t b…

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Trump has been running the Silvio Berlusconi playbook the entire time. The continuation of which means that he’ll b…

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@Everytown Politicians can’t control technology.

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