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November 29th, 2020

@zackvoell Looks like an artifact of which chain you use as the base. Oddly, my base chain was BTC so I’d have…M3

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Bitcoin’s blockchain size is now over double the size of its “big block” fork.…

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@NeerajKA We can finally put a miner in every home!

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forwardsecrecy 💻 Can you script with the best of the best?
🎊 Do you believe in freedom and independence?
🤜 Want to join a…n0

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Institutions are playing our game now.

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“Institutions are going to capture Bitcoin and turn it into another Wall Street toy.”

They’d better be prepared…Jm

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Detractors hate the fact that Bitcoin’s incentives are aligned in such a way that it continues to attract new…d0

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@BitcoinJuicy @KatieAnanina @nvk Oh yeah that’s why she blocked me; I was espousing something about…h7

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@KatieAnanina @nvk Screenshot plz, she blocked me like 5 years ago. 😂

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