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November 5th, 2020

I dunno sir, what I see is a series of step functions upward followed by partial corrections. You may have zoomed…iI

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Won’t be long before we find out which Bitcoin companies have spent the bear market building wisely. The flood…Ei

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Q: Sir please, wat is bitcoin’s target?
A: Your face, ripping it off.

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@Ruben_Rotterdam @PeterMcCormack Don’t get me wrong, you can sue anybody for anything in America.

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@PeterMcCormack Can you sue them for causing deterioration of your physical health? I hear UK courts allow all kinds of stupid lawsuits…

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It’s been over a week since the last DeFi lulz so I guess we were overdue.…

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@Jorj_X_McKie @MrChrisEllis You’re wrong. If you want to buy bitcoin through our partner you can KYC with them, but we don’t do AML/KYC.

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@cryptooIi Government agent $5 wrench attack.

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Imagine sitting on a billion dollars in stolen bitcoin and not investing in improving your security and privacy.

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@zackvoell @acityinohio They didn’t grab the Bitcoin Diamond or the Bitcoin Pizza!

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Hopefully this election drama will clear up before the next scheduled shitcoin drama: T minus 10 days to the next bcash fracture!

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Bitcoin’s going to win so hard you’re going to beg for the peace and quiet of a bear market.

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@nic__carter IIRC they’re generally quiet until ATH is breached. It’s always disbelief / apathy until ATH.

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Remember, if we get banned from Twitter for wrongthink the current plan is to regroup on Mastodon. Might as well…s3

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@WhalePanda Depositing your funds into a black hole is so hot right now, not sure why this isn’t more popular!

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