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November 22nd, 2020

Mass adoption of people using third party custodians is not mass adoption of Bitcoin, it’s mass adoption of Bitcoin…

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Archival footage of a shitcoin scam smokescreen being deployed to conceal the weakness of the tiny team claiming to…

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@matt_odell @nvk Usability is a key component of security.

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Social media platforms that only cater to disenfranchised groups are hobbled in comparison to those with a diversit…

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@scottwalker99 Yeah these days when someone asks to use your phone you become highly suspicious that they’re going to run away with it.

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@matt_odell @PaulusSmithy Yeah, I don’t think we can safely say what the shelf life of an opendime is. I’d be supri…

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@brucefenton And then get lost when you miss a turn!

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Remember when it used to be possible to get lost and you’d have to ask a stranger for directions? But their directi…

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