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January 6th, 2021

@nic__carter Sir have you considered dipping your toes into memelording?

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In historical context of this metric, where would 2021 close?

-0.3%: $9,750
+0.3%: $87,000
+0.8%: $535,000…

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Total crypto market cap hits $1 Trillion.
Next up: Bitcoin market cap hits $1 Trillion.

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Mainstream media is pushing propaganda that those who stormed the Capitol are anarchists. They are your fellow…aw

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“Democracy is fragile.” - @JoeBiden
“Bitcoin is antifragile.” - @nntaleb

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As faith in institutions continues to crumble, so shall bitcoin soar.

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@STRML_ I know, I know. I’ll turn off C-SPAN and get back to the important work.

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Looks like the rest of the work day is cancelled on account of butthurt.…

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Another sign that we’re still early.

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Windfall euphoria may make you want to post your “bitcoin rags to riches” story. Sit down and sip a cup of shut the fuck up.

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KoroushAK If you build bankless generational wealth you need to know how to protect it.

Join @lopp and I as we dive deep…QK

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CasaHODL 🔑 Here’s your Day 2 Schedule!

Panel (1p ET):
📈The Bull Run for Custody

Workshop (2:30p ET):

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“We have zero recourse” == evidence you don’t truly own your property.…

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