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January 22nd, 2021

@robot__dreams Fun fact I learned recently. BIP39 actually recommends AGAINST rejecting seed phrases with an…5Z

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@DannyDeafDavis 90min blocks happen every few weeks IIRC. longer than that is quite rare.

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There will be a point at which we refer to this current period as The Good Old Days.

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If you are truly a soldier boy, shouldn’t you join the LINK Marines or the XRP Army?…

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No need for fancy words and lengthy explanations, @TheStalwart. It’s Fuck You Money.…

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@Excellion She’s just bad at Twitter. Her thinking was explained much better in the @WhatBitcoinDid episode. IIRC…vk

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@mcnally_steve It can be, but social security is a ponzi scheme that is enforced via threats of violence rather…CS

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Worth noting that malicious actors can build Ponzi schemes ON TOP of the Bitcoin protocol. This is yet another…pK

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@flyosity For real. I used to work with him and had extensive conversations with him about his views.

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Not only is Bitcoin NOT a Ponzi scheme, it is one of the few available investments that is provably NOT a Ponzi…c9

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@paoloardoino I’ve seen how many commits you make 👀

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@BitsComplicated @CalvinAyre I would STRONGLY urge you to develop critical thinking skills.

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Can’t believe that a bunch of you still follow our brainwashed and delusional former colleague.…

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Newbies who get excited or panicked over double digit percentage swings in bitcoin’s exchange rate are adorable.…9O

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@wintercooled @BitMEXResearch It’s a matter of time and perspective. There are, for example, plenty of weak…OA

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Unlearn govt sanctioned economics at…
Deflation & Liberty
Economics in One Lesson

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For obvious reasons. Best money, different platforms.

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