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January 12th, 2021

@badcryptobitch @matthew_d_green Yes he is a good doge and we go for walks with a harness.

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@matthew_d_green Took the collar off years ago when he told me he’d rather die a free dog than bend the knee.

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I know some of y’all are lonely during lockdown but damn.…

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You’re not gonna get rich from that paid newsletter subscription that tens of thousands of other folks are also receiving.

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Wealth advisors are generally better salesmen than investors.

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@NeerajKA Few understand that you should secure your bitcoin like it’s worth an order of magnitude more than the current market valuation.

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@CoffeeLarge Of course, my point being that learning to code without understanding the fundamentals is a great…bB

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@2ze_me If you want to risk 100% loss in return for the promise of a few % annual return, go for it.

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Holding your own bitcoin is all the leverage you need.

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If you don’t invest in your Bitcoin education then you’re doomed to make a donation to those who did.…

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