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January 28th, 2021

Not your stock certificate?
Not your stock.

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Welcome to the desert of the real, retail investors.

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buy bitcoin
short banks
self custody
resist censorship…

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There’s a word for games that are pointless to play because the rules are perpetually at risk of being rewritten.

It’s called politics.

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starkness 2008: Too big to fail

2021: Too small to win

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@_JustinMoon_ pink sheets
meme stonks

history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme…

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All this talk of chicken tendies is making me peckish.

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The central points of failure are pissing off the masses.…

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GrapheneOS An experimental version of our web-based installer for GrapheneOS is now available:…1a

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Long freedom
Long transparency
Short conspiracy
Short authority

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WSBChairman They can only control us because we use their currency.

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Don’t forget to withdraw your stocks from exchanges to the security of self custody.

Oh wait

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Imagine the value of systems architected to provide confidence that their rules can’t be changed arbitrarily.

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One thing that DeFi does right in comparison to traditional markets is allowing folks to get rekt when they do…zh

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Watch who changes the rules when they start losing.…

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