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January 19th, 2021

@OrangeSwell BSV’s value is for entertainment purposes only.

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The most important thing is that we’re all having fun.

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achow101 I’m launching a Bitcoin Core usage survey:…

The survey will help us learn about who, how,…vp

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@primex001 Nah. I think the chance of apocalypse in any given year is infinitesimal. Prepare accordingly with an…Sz

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@ericbowman87 Sadly, while I own some entry level equipment, it’s just sitting inside a faraday cage and I haven’…u2

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@Yxzizec Physically impossible in an actual collapse scenario in which supply chains get permanently rekt. Won’t…oD

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Smart preppers understand that, should shit hit the fan, the rest of the world will keep laughing at them until…Uv

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Imagine warning fellow passengers that the ship is on a collision course with an iceberg but being told you’re a…vO

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Travis_Kling If you think is a ponzi, wait till you figure out how Social Security works.

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The rules of any given game are less important than who can change the rules to the game.

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@wheatpond It is an improvement but you still can’t actually construct an unsigned transaction on the device. It’…9w

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What’s the deal with the correlation between Bitcoin haters and pronouns in profile? Is it because Bitcoin won’t…nk

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Every time someone says they want to stop me, I write the code a little bit faster.

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@PeterMcCormack The other journalist from today has been tweeting about Bitcoin since ~2012 but he autodeletes…2r

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“Hardware wallet” is a misnomer. Hardware devices are private key managers; they still need to be paired with…Wp

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@shamid202 @sneakdotberlin @keyternal @arzdigital I haven’t worked there in years but I seriously doubt that the…sX

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Bitcoin critics are sowing the seeds for a magnificent harvest of dunking a decade from now.

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@theinstagibbs Target selection is important. The bigger they are they harder they fall.

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In summary your argument is that it’s not clear that Bitcoin’s costs and benefits are worth it. You claim that…BA

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@upanizza @Nouriel Feel free to educate yourself. If you want answers to the value question, I’d hit up the…uE

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@jameshiggs277 Just stupid authoritarians saying Bitcoin should be banned.

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Pretty sure this is the first armed robbery for Tether tokens. H/T @Robitko…

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Then the haters said that I should be imprisoned for my peaceful, voluntary business and if I resist imprisonment…7l

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The CEO of Bitcoin is quivering in his boots.

On a serious note: the whiny musings of authoritarians today are…FZ

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