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October 4th, 2022

What’s the fine for catalyzing a Streisand Effect, @GaryGensler?…

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When can we expect the scambots to be crushed, @elonmusk?

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RT @DocumentingBTC: #Bitcoin mining is reducing energy prices by 90% for this village in Kenya.

Hydro is producing more energy then they n…

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Shout out to the PRs that have been open and untouched for multiple years.

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@ryaneshea Yet another reason why intellectual property is a silly concept.…

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MemeingBitcoin does not waste energy, it is energy

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@BVBTC Why is nobody talking about this?!

Last chance to get in!

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@robustus @BVBTC Make a bot that just publishes screenshots of gmax posts. I bet he’d love that.

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Mining is an important aspect of Bitcoin’s security. Miners timestamp batches of transactions and make it…Zs

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Why do so many otherwise intelligent folks hold and propagate misconceptions about Bitcoin? Because they haven’t…4y

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