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October 6th, 2022

GrapheneOS We need $3500 to preorder 2x Pixel 7 and 2x Pixel 7 Pro (2x $599 + 2x $799 at local prices with added sales tax).…M4

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It took my benchmark machine 31 hours 1 min to run a full validation sync of zcash 5.2.0 to block 1,830,000.…ld

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Prompt: “a shield made out of glowing fiberoptic cat5 cables”

Not what I expected, but pleasing nonetheless!

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@DavidFBailey He just needed an excuse to remind everyone that he’s Satoshi

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@FungiblePleb @simogattok @saylor @ercwl @ShireHODL @nimiq It’s pretty obvious from their profile; they’ve been hoodwinked by Faketoshi.

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@ThrowAw78705929 Not at all; I was actually a big blocker at first. I had to learn why bitcoin engineering is…hX

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@CryptoMethasone He has earned the stage by impressing me with how wrong one man can be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@Shenanigrahams Yeah that’s probably why he doesn’t know. I deleted my LinkedIn account 6 years ago. Though there…7B

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@ashzilla Highly recommended to gain a new appreciation for the vastness of America.

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@JAWilsonEsq Heh yeah, I’ve just received this as a serious suggestion too many times.…

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@pmccall777 I wonder if the video is still available anywhere…

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@JAWilsonEsq Craig has already lost in the only court that truly matters here - the court of public opinion. No…mw

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@MrFelt_ Highly recommend to anyone who wants a good workout and practical self defense skills! You just have to…QS

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@BTCGandalf You might have a different type of tag, but if not this is the fire method:…

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@LN_Capital Can you create a page on your web site that’s an index of your reports so that I can add it to my resources?

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@nate_zec @dismad8 I would have noticed a couple months earlier if I hadn’t abandoned my annual sync tests this yea…

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@orion_kos There’s not much point because my benchmark machine doesn’t have enough disk space to perform a full val…

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On this day in 2014 an epic battle played out on bitcoin exchanges, in which a whale put 30,000 BTC up for sale…6T

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@twobitidiot What do you do when your logical conclusion is that your opponent is willing to see violence used agai…

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@rlfedericoMBA @CaitlinLong_ Depends on what speed you are measuring. Does this attack make normal users’ transacti…

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You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your…P8

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