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October 31st, 2022

RT @gladstein: 1/ NEWS: HRF and BPI are pleased to announce

A free guide authored by @La__Cuen to teach NGOs, act…

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lopp Q: Why did Satoshi choose an upper limit of 21,000,000 BTC?
A: The limiting factor is the max value of a 64 bit…1X

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RT @LearnMoreWithC4: Mark your calendars! More Bitcoin Mythbusters! @lopp will be joining CBP committee members @anitaposch, @SDirkAnderson

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@DanDarkPill Couldn’t have happened to a more miserable pumpkin man. He’s working his way through all the veggies!

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@CalvinAyre Hey Calvin, I found a new opportunity for you to burn more money on lawyers! You guys should sue Snowde…

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@bigmac The convenient truth is that you’re a brainwashed moron.

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@Arthur_van_Pelt We’re gonna need some big blocks to store all of these.

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@Snowden @Dr_CSWright @hodlonaut This is a good one for Faketoshi to add to his memoirs: “called miserable corncob…

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@Snowden @Dr_CSWright @hodlonaut Here for the ratio on the professional

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RT @Snowden: @Dr_CSWright That’s the point, brother.

Remember two weeks ago when the court affirmed that @hodlonaut calling you a “patheti…

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lopp Every Bitcoiner should read the whitepaper. I also think that once you’re deep enough down the rabbit hole you…LY

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@NeerajKA My blue check is proof of work; I think I got rejected a dozen times!

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@cobie It has happened before and so shall it happen again.

The networks purges those who take too much risk.

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@seedor_io Somewhere imperceptibly close to 0.

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The Bitcoin Whitepaper is hosted on over 1,300 web sites and has been cited by over 23,000 scholarly articles.…

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I challenge folks to try to run their favorite “high throughput blockchain” node over the Tor network.


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@bitcoinsvendor You must not have been paying attention. You can’t “scale” on-chain without trade-offs. That was th…

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@bitcoinsvendor There was never anything wrong with wanting to make small purchases with bitcoin.

What was shortsi…

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Fundamentalists should note the following things are NOT described in the Bitcoin whitepaper:


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@PeterMcCormack @themotleyfool Hilarious that folks don’t see that reduction of energy consumption is a self-own. A…

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Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper on this day in 2008. You can find it hosted on many web sites,…io

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@0xCryptoCafe It is what you decide to use it as.

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@bavdvdkkwks There are plenty of technical books one can read, though I wrote an article that explains the full…pc

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Do you want to better understand what’s going on inside of Bitcoin nodes right now? Check…1S

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lopp “You need to achieve financial independence
in order to achieve ideological independence
in order to achieve…G9

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