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October 25th, 2022

The actual news is Ye was never a billionaire. Forbes was doing creative accounting and treating potential future…nZ

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@tante You should try it and find out. That’s the beauty of open source!

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Bitcoin and porn are the only things keeping Twitter afloat! You’re welcome.…

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@misterschrock Nah I don’t think the data supports that given that the uptick is age restricted. Plus, vaccine…qj

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@misterschrock What’s illogical about suspecting that all of the wackiness and stress of the past few years could…0y

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@Dr_CSWright We’ve reached the point at which I’ll need to charge a consulting fee if you want me to do more…Ky

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Dear haters, charlatans, shills, spammers, scammers, scalawags, shysters, swindlers, scamps, scoundrels, and…OL

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@Excellion @paoloardoino yOu’Re gOnNa pRiNt sO mAnY tETHers

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@TradeClaw @hlopez_ It’s like he didn’t even read the README

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Please cease making market buy orders.

You’re ruining Bitcoin’s stablecoin properties.

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Twitter remains the best MMORPG of all time.

If you’re bored, you’re using it wrong.

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@utxo_one Interesting! Do you have a high level writeup somewhere of how you score / filter accounts?

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@zara_larue There are certainly arguments to be made for that, but it’s a can of worms and timesuck to which I can’…

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@zara_larue Looks like they both follow a lot of BSV accounts and are followed by a bunch of BSV accounts, so I’m n…

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@Dr_CSWright @loop Don’t worry, Faketoshi. We are building and improving upon Satoshi’s vision.…

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@lightcoin They haven’t gone extinct? Admirable perseverance!

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@Sepehrzenderoo1 @LendingClub I bet most don’t actually own those things; banks own those things and they have to…yN

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@hazefi @LendingClub Both, I bet. Folks chose lifestyle inflation and couldn’t handle when financial inflation hit.

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63% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, including nearly half of those earning over $100,000 according…G5

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@nvk @PeterMcCormack Craig says Bitcoin isn’t ancap.

Therefore, it must be.

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Whenever I see folks getting excited about elections…

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Are you interested in learning more about the Lightning Network? Check out my educational resources with…Gw

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lopp Materialism is a psychological weakness that makes you vulnerable to lifestyle inflation. You may find yourself…Xp

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