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October 18th, 2022

@BitcoinIsSaving This sounds really complicated. We could just let Calvin & Craig set the budget so that we don’t have to think about it.

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@Streaming_Sats @CalvinAyre How dare you question your lord and savior!

That will be 10 Hail Marys and 20 Our…2m

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Due to advances in AI text generation tech it’s damn near impossible to discern the difference between a bot and…lK

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@bitcornd @Arthur_van_Pelt My theory is that a lot of the accounts are fake, but it’s darn near impossible to tell…

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The riskiest way to use financial systems is to assume counterparty risk doesn’t exist just because you haven’t been burned… yet.

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@salvatoshi Well this one only took me 7 prompts over a span of 18 minutes so I call that a win!

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I call this piece “Honeybadger DGAF”

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Folks are gonna need more substantial improvements if they’re gonna drop a grand on a new phone every year.…

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This UK supermarket now puts up barriers to protect their employees while they put the reduced price food out for…Id

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@wbrianjolly Well Midjourney is all done through Discord, so you can actually upload any image into a discord…S7

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@murphsicles I don’t believe a word that comes from the mouths of bitconnect scammers such as yourself.

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@Arthur_van_Pelt Blocking those who question him is Craig’s modus operandi, which I noted in my article years ago u…

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Please don’t.

Do I really have to explain why private keys should not be secured by biometrics?…aV

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@CryptoBartender @greg16676935420 @elonmusk @stoolpresidente Same requirements as president since they’re second in line of succession.

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“The power to control the creation of money has moved from central banks to governments. By issuing state…Xp

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Things you should stop believing in once you’re an adult.

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Do you learn best from structured lectures and homework? Check out these Bitcoin focused classes - the online…9Z

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lopp Satoshi Nakamoto
first of their name
forger of chains
slayer of central banks
coder of freedom
gone but not…ix

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