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October 21st, 2022

@flyosity That’s because it’s a documentary.

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@MalwareTechBlog Yeah it’s great, you get a whole new slew of scambot replies! Hooray free engagement!

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@ryzizub @KRYPTOMates @TwitterDev @TweetoshiApp Cool; FYI I’ve created a repo and uploaded the CSV of accounts…2v

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What the wise ones do at the beginning, the fools do at the end.

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lopp Don’t spend your bitcoin on the darknet. Drugs only get you high once. Bitcoin gets you high for life.

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@elliot_BTC NGL I sometimes take out 0% APR year-long credit card loans to buy BTC dips.

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It’s difficult if not impossible to eke out a living as a “Bitcoin influencer.” This is because Bitcoin’s ethos…xf

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@elliot_BTC It’s impossible to use leverage if you are hodling bitcoin. You must be thinking of IOU traders.

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@CanFromSmyrna @TwitterDev It would block well-known accounts belonging to brainwashed BSV believers.

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Looks like at least 400 of you are interested in a BSV Blocker Twitter app. Not sure when I’ll be able to do this…ts

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Bear markets are for b̶u̶i̶l̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ suing the scammers who tricked you into providing their exit liquidity?

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@VitalikButerin @avsa Yes but also no. It was actually implemented. Here’s the PR:…

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@avsa Vitalik’s April Fools EIP was just a less interesting rip-off of BIP42 because BIP42 was simultaneously…y3

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It’s going to be interesting to see if Richard’s tactics are sufficient to save him from securities laws. Court…ly

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Bitcoin engineers are extreme long-term planners who are building a system to last many generations.


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Bitcoiners can hodl longer than central banks can tighten.

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Managing private keys to “be your own bank” is no small task. It can involve complex processes if you want…q9

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lopp “You can dramatically extend your life - not by multiplying the number of your years, but by expanding the…b8

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