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December 4th, 2022

A look into the history of accepted and rejected pull requests to Bitcoin Core.…

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@DogJohnson10 btcd v0.23.3 is the most recent version, released a month ago.

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Full validation sync of btcd v0.23.3 to block 760,000 took my benchmark machine 2 days, 19 hours, 27 minutes.

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lopp Yes, I’m aware that making controversial statements will result in people unfollowing me. No need to announce…0p

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Bitcoin offers a revolutionary level of security at both a global and individual level. In this deep dive you’ll…kM

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Dreaming of weird mountain man fantasies…

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@Orthospherian It’s always for some ideological offense. When you have an audience of sufficient size it…EJ

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@elonmusk We have plenty of ways to indicate which tweets are signal. We could probably benefit from easier ways…n8

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@MASTERBTCLTC Yeah I went through my back catalogue and generated images for articles that didn’t have one.

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@udiWertheimer It’s about whichever interpretation gets the most engagement, Udi.

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Twitter antics that amuse me to no end:

* Receiving reports of tweets that folks asked Twitter to censor.


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Those who can rewrite history to their advantage, will.

Those who can redefine words for their own benefit, will……Di

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