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December 29th, 2022

We’re still seeing ripple effects in the supply of Christmas trees as a result of the recession a decade ago. It…uZ

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Pro tip: if you are trying to avoid law enforcement, stay off of social media.

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@Excellion Yes but the smart people are able to figure out how to use Discord, don’t you see?

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@woonomic @danheld How is any truly free market safe from “manipulation?”

Isn’t this kind of a “fiat mindset”…wM

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@woonomic @danheld I’ve always looked at it as the Bitcoin protocol being ambivalent about the BTC exchange rate;…HJ

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lopp The true scammers are the “journalists” who claimed that Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme.

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@macieklaskus I guess it’s read-only for the moment, right? Perhaps making it easy for folks to tag accounts as…mF

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I’ve been using the Hivemark browser extension for the past month and it’s pretty amazing how much it improves…SI

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Open interest for bitcoin futures dropped from $11.5B to $7.3B over the course of 2022.

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@qx7qdhsgvy I’d suggest you pick up a copy of “Extreme Privacy” by @IntelTechniques - I myself don’t know much about the Apple ecosystem.

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@benz145 Objectively it should go in the pocket corresponding to your non-dominant hand. Otherwise you have to…QZ

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As the exchange rate dropped in 2022, the number of bitcoin addresses storing certain amounts increased. We’re…fh

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The @BitMEX insurance fund grew by 2.5% in 2022. It now holds 0.19% of all BTC.

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Inflation deflection narrative isn’t going over that well. Stung by cyberhornets?

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@ewarren You and your cronies are quite literally one of the biggest drivers of inflation.

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@CoinControversy It’s also noteworthy that almost all of Faketoshi’s ire toward me is concentrated in Q4 of this…Hh

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@brucefenton Still waiting to hear an explanation for why corporate greed is so volatile! Isn’t her narrative that…

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@birdsrnotreal2 Very few make it to my inbox. Probably 98% are notifications / mailing lists / automated emails…f1

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@CoinControversy Faketoshi does seem to be quite obsessed with me.

I see ~64 standalone tweets from Faketoshi in…Go

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My 2022 stats:

132,000,000 Twitter impressions
110,000 blog visitors
107,000 web site visitors
Received 68,500…9K

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