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December 20th, 2022

@Snowden You have to pass the bill if you want to know what’s in it, amirite?

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RT @Plinz: Fun fact: Wikipedia has 10 times as much money as it needs. Very little of that goes towards improving the encyclopedia itself,…

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The number of deployed Bitcoin ATMs increased by 13% during 2022 to 39,000.

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@LukeDashjr Well, last I checked there was exactly 1 instance in which the target successfully defended himself.

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Do you think these tactics are limited to Twitter, anon? Best to assume every big tech company is compromised.…

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@BitcoinDurp I am the master of understatement.

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@2DCrypto Please create an issue or pull request on the repository!

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lopp You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your…P8

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Known Bitcoin related physical attacks in
2014: 1
2015: 5
2016: 4
2017: 12
2018: 25
2019: 8
2020: 14
2021: 33
2022: 23

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@jb55 @saylor Both nostr rocks and astral ninja give me various connection errors, though the former seems to be more critically broken.

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hrw BREAKING: The Taliban have banned women from universities.

This is a shameful decision that violates the right…fr

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@jb55 @saylor Can’t follow anyone at the moment; no sockets available!

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Bitcoin block propagation times were remarkably stable throughout 2022, taking an average of 613 milliseconds for…Ib

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Don’t join Nostr (yet) if you value UX more than freedom. Lots of scaling and app issues that need to be ironed…mc

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Bitcoin transaction propagation times stabilized in 2022. The average transaction now reaches half of the nodes…Az

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According to @LukeDashjr’s estimates of unreachable / non-listening node counts, the total number of Bitcoin…09

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@ClairvoyantETH @BitMEXResearch show me an example of being toxic

onus is on you

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@SA_Conseil @TwitterBlue @elonmusk I appreciate seeing fewer ads and the tweet delay + edit features come in handy.

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@STRML_ @TwitterBlue @elonmusk Well, I’m not surprised. IIRC Musk has made references about using KYC-esque logic…P3

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@TwitterBlue @elonmusk aaaaaand there it is. Twitter Blue is no longer compatible with privacy preserving phone…vb

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@ClairvoyantETH @BitMEXResearch Sounds like you’re muddling maximalists with toxic maximalists. Peter is not toxic…

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Reachable Bitcoin node count was remarkably stable in 2022 according to @port8333. These ~15,000 node operators…xC

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@StrikeTheIonQ I’d expect them to be advertised, as it’s the default.

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@cryptonite_1 Nah, holding up quite well given the winter conditions.

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@ClairvoyantETH @BitMEXResearch You think Peter McCormack is a “toxic maxi?”

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Lightning Network in 2022:
# advertised channels ⬆️ 1% to 85,490
# nodes with channels ⬇️ 12% to 17,086

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@TheBitcoinConf @BitcoinMagazine All human knowledge (and private keys) in one tweet: 0 1

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@_gowith @mansion If your multisig wallet’s keys are sufficiently spread apart, your funds can survive a nuclear blast!

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@Mikeydoeswork11 @mansion With protocols that support multisig wallets you can create one logical storage system…km

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@NutriMaxi @mansion Traditional risk management, yes. But we are not constrained to traditional methods when it…sp

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Financial systems are complex and have a variety of use cases, strengths, and weaknesses. As a result there are a…6e

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As financial systems continue to be weaponized, eventually everyone will realize the inevitable end game.


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