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December 21st, 2022

WarrenDavidson Self-Custody Is the antidote to FTX’s fraud and my Keep Your Coins Act would protect self-custody from misguided…H8

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lopp You know you’re a Bitcoin OG if you’ve heard every flavor of FUD before and are now immune to it.

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@sbergman No, read the ruling. The judge explicitly states that Craig has failed to prove he’s Satoshi and he has deceived the court.

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“Money has become mankind’s oxygen, and thus should be considered the greatest invention humans made. But the…i6

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@cyberat2600 Ah right, that was pre-bitcoin in Australia IIRC. Somehow I doubt he ever actually performed the community service.

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“Wright had advanced a deliberately false case until shortly before trial. When the falsity was exposed, he…xL

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After lying to courts in multiple countries, Craig Wright will FINALLY have to answer to a contempt of court…pF

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RT @PeterMcCormack: The final judgement in my case against CSW has been handed down.

It is not a very good judgement for Craig but ultimat…

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Ignoramus: “BiTcOiN iSn’T iNnoVaTinG”

Me: “Bitcoin Optech’s annual overview of developments gets truncated in my…Q2

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Amazing progression of @midjourney models in 2022!

Prompt: “dog”

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πόροι bitcoin στα ελληνικά

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