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December 27th, 2022

There is such a thing as being suspiciously successful…

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TheOnion Crypto Confidence Soars After CEO Defrauds Customers Just Like Real Bank…

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lopp If your financial advisor hasn’t recommended a small allocation of your portfolio to bitcoin by now, it’s time to…tr

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@realjohnmonarch To be clear, the protocol does not guarantee that your transaction gets confirmed. That’s why…BX

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There’s no such thing as being “deprotocoled.”

Protocols > Platforms

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This should surprise no one, as I identified 6 separate red flags when I reviewed them 18 months ago. The 17% APY…jS

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Oh dear. Sounds like @btccom_official got hacked to the tune of $3m.…

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The median on-chain bitcoin transaction value in 2022 was ~$90, down 50% from 2021 and back to 2020 levels.

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@brucefenton “X should be free” is just a weaselly way of saying “somebody other than me should pay for X.”

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The blockchain is useful for more than just transfers of bitcoin. It can also store immutable timestamped records…tY

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