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December 14th, 2022

Open-source intelligence is no longer legal on Twitter…

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punk6529 we must preserve non-custodial wallets at all costs

it is weird that I believe it is the single most important…sm

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Full validation sync of Libbitcoin Server 3.6.0 to block 760,000 took my benchmark machine 2 days, 8 hours, 27 minutes.

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@matthew_d_green Imagine if horses and dachshunds could reproduce…

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FOMC should rebrand to FOMO

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@BoBtEhNuB Right, there are other “agreed to” classifications.

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Context: in her decade as a Senator, Elizabeth Warren has introduced 315 bills.

Only one has been enacted into…iH

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@blocklearning I hear “we listen to them because other people listen to them and will act based upon that, so we…ej

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Why do folks spend so much time listening to pathological liars and politicians? Pardon my repetition.

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@emilepetrone Kinda already happened from my understanding, with the AI chatbot to negotiate with comcast chatbots.

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Project idea: collect every quote of folks who predict the demise of Bitcoin and publish it when the person dies…hX

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The best bear market strategy is steadily stacking sats to self custody while having fun staying poor.

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@forwardsecrecy I’ve been getting that on and off since Sunday

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If you find yourself being censored, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re right.

It means that someone considers you to be a threat.

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@jack Self hosted Ghost blog is the way to go.

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Can’t let a crisis go to waste, amirite @SenWarren?

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2 Russians who work on some little-known cryptocurrency were kidnapped and robbed in Phuket, Thailand by 2 other…2Q

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موارد البيتكوين بالعربية

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