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December 5th, 2022

@GoingParabolic Hands are difficult for anyone to draw and AI models don’t yet have a rich enough dataset for their training.

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Aerospace-grade engineering examples:

The Voyager missions were designed to run for 5 years. They’re still going…eE

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lopp When you’re writing safety critical code, every arithmetic operation is potentially catastrophic. Smart contract…0R

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Breedlove22 In our latest episode, founder of Impervious.AI Chase Perkins (@ChaseTheTruth) joins for me a…DI

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@TuurDemeester Yet another lesson in second order effects.

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CPI is a narrative crafted by the puppet masters to distract you from noticing the extent of their manipulation.

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@BillAckman Replace “self custody” with “responsibility” and you’re probably right.

On the flip side, folks tend…W7

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@PeterMcCormack I thought it’s where you hang out with your mates after a game.

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@Cypher437 The next bitcoin halving will occur at block 840,000 in about 514 days.

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@grumpynico Bitcoin offers stability in a variety of ways, but not in the exchange rate. To do so would require…j4

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Did you know that over 100 physical attacks have been perpetrated against Bitcoiners? You can learn more at this…rI

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Today the annualized inflation rate of Bitcoin is 1.71%.

One year from today the annualized inflation rate of…ti

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