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December 6th, 2022

RT @roasbeef: wanna try out ChatGPT, but don’t want to give up your phone number? Fear not for, Lightning has you covered

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Excerpt from Kraken’s response to Faketoshi

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@DanDarkPill Big business opportunities in the AI-for-shitposting space.

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@notgrubles @DanDarkPill OpenAI rejected all of my usual VOIP numbers but sms4sats saved the day once again; it…gx

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lopp L̶i̶b̶e̶r̶a̶l̶

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@dickerson_des Good point. It doesn’t seem to understand how to render pores; the closest I’ve been able to get looked more like freckles.

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Just wait ‘til the AIs start to talk to each other without our direction or oversight.

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People who understand machine learning be like:

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@danheld Camera for animated QR code driven signing?

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@BTC_Priest @danheld @Ledger I haven’t tested that one but their other product did quite well. I’d expect it to…WI

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@danheld @Ledger Yes, but to be clear, I highly discourage storing billions of dollars on a single device.

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A case study in why stock photo business models are in serious danger.

You can feed a watermarked stock photo…pv

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Bitcoin is an open collaborative project. As such, public discussion of current events and improvement proposals…Ug

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Imagine still having faith in institutions.

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