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December 15th, 2022

The addition of AI to a wide variety of tools is going to speed up so many tasks…

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lopp The Internet wasn’t built in a day. Neither shall the Internet of Money.

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LearnMoreWithC4 Key Compromise Policy - CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Livestream…

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Simple tips to live well:

Stand more than you sit.
Give more than you take.
Love more than you hate.
Lift more…mq

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@tcampbelltweets @matthew_d_green Something I’m beta testing; hopefully will get released after the holidays.

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As best I can tell, around 5% of bills introduced to Congress end up being enacted as law. It would probably be…9l

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@twobitidiot Recommend you stop tweeting, for the sake of our industry.

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@rettlerb @TwitterBlue @elonmusk But I want my tweet delay and edit features back…

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After being a @TwitterBlue subscriber since summer, apparently I’m no longer eligible? Do you not want my $8,…9N

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@alexmarsh @pbrody Over the past decade or so around 4% to 5% of all bills that are introduced in Congress end up being enacted into law.

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We’ve received plenty of questions about how @CasaHODL’s multisig ethereum wallet is architected; here’s a high…Ez

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If you’re easily offended then you’re easily manipulated.

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Full validation sync of Bitcoin Knots 23.0 to block 760,000 took my benchmark machine 7 hours 23 minutes.

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