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December 12th, 2022

jbrowder1 Here it is! The first ever Comcast bill negotiated 100% with A.I and LLMs.

Our @donotpay ChatGPT bot talks to…qQ

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Good news: SBF’s PR tour has concluded.

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lopp We can code harder and faster than the state can regulate.

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@Wiltster Certainly; I think this may be a key distinction between “machine learning” AKA “weak” AI (what we have…uU

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When you see a bunch of scammers coming out of the woodwork with their “woe is me” narratives.


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1. Don’t open files from folks you don’t trust
2. Don’t trust emails, verify them out of band
3. Don’t run Windows!…OJ

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When you hear that Sam wants to repay the victims of his previous “business” by starting a new “business.”

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@stratisplatform Full validation sync of Stratis Bitcoin node on my benchmark machine reached block…t8

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Do you need a better backup method for your crypto wallet seed phrases? Check out my extensive reviews and…fO

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Successful people know that the opposite of success is not failure.

The opposite of success is education.

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