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December 8th, 2022

mtracey The final version of the NDAA includes a provision granting the Pentagon “emergency” procurement authorities…o5

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@davidasinclair Have you seen Limitless with @chrishemsworth? Would be interested to hear your take.

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These Twitter ads are getting out of hand!

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@MatticusBTC If humans are capable of discerning fact from fiction, given sufficient information, I’d expect…Kq

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@nic__carter I recommend no more posts like this, for the sake of our industry.

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@FPupusas Yes, I bet more countries enforce KYC on sim cards than don’t.

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KYC for sim cards is arguably worse and more far-reaching than KYC for financial services.…

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We have reached the point at which AI is pretty good at regurgitating widely-held views.

We are still a ways…EW

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Dear whomever has been running a Sybil attack against me recently: some of your bots are buggy. Your fake…qq

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@nic__carter “Extremely online grievance merchants” is a decent characterization, but doesn’t quite roll off the tongue!

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@nic__carter I take umbrage with referring to the folks who focus on outrage as just “bitcoiners” or even “…wP

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@danheld This is the wrong question. If you focus on putting the “fun” in “fundamentalist” then the rest is irrelevant!

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Are you an engineer or data scientist who’s interested in building the Google of social media? Check…8I

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Market dips are transitory.
Inflation is forever.

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