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December 23rd, 2022

@STEVEN_HALL_bTC It’s in a trust, not a corporate balance sheet.

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@cobie Well, somebody had to. Better institutions than retail?

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lopp You can cancel my Twitter account.
You can cancel my YouTube account.
You’ll never cancel my Bitcoin account.

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Bitcoin known to be held on corporate balance sheets at the close of year.

2017: 12
2018: 3,479
2019: 4,411…vf

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FYI @Greenpeace @greenpeaceusa
Your “Change the Code” campaign funds will be far more effectively utilized if…A9

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@CoinDesk @jackschickler Just in case he’s still feeling masochistic.

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Hive started out by focusing on mapping the Bitcoin Twitter social graph.

But that was only the beginning.


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I just followed accounts @hivedotone has ranked at the top of their community:

Biotech: @matthewherper…2N

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@smolgrrr @Nakamotolisk @adam3us Micropayments or PoW would work, though I think payments are better (2-way incenti…

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@smolgrrr @Nakamotolisk @adam3us Did you even read it? You can alternatively watch my keynote version.

I haven’t s…

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@Snowden I’m looking forward to the day it all comes together.

By which I mean: open virtual worlds that are…qV

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@bchinella @fiatjaf Maybe after the holidays? Still working on my 7th annual Bitcoin report.

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@smolgrrr @Nakamotolisk @adam3us To be clear, the problem is economic in nature. Running nodes on p2p networks impo…

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It is highly appropriate that nostr was invented by @fiatjaf, a dev with Lightning Network experience.

Because I…1o

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@smolgrrr @Nakamotolisk Micropayments at scale means we can address the problem @adam3us sought to solve decades ag…

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@BitcoinNews21 It’s more interesting than your average theft given that the two parties are at war with each other……bb

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@satstackking77 I wonder if committing cybercrime against folks with whom you’re at war would ever actually be pros…

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Top 10 most frequently posted words in the “news” subreddit this year.

Sums up 2022 quite well.

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@zackvoell Well my time and reputation have value, so it’s not free for me…

I tried to play nice and pay for…ry

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@DanDarkPill @hodlonaut We tried that for years. It didn’t work.

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Are you an avid reader seeking Bitcoin focused books? These works go into great detail about the system or the…kz

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